I miss you

I miss you

Despair for look at

I want you here, in my little table

Of light

I mis you

I like wake up with you

I feel better, powerful

I like can tell you my true

I miss you

to tell, but not you be. see a long distance,

that can be more bigger out of money

I miss you

Yeah, I know

We will be better

for a little sparked

yeah I know

will be better

for a little sparket


I miss you uuhhu

uuuhhhhhhhhuuuuuu .

i miss you uuuu uuuuu u miss

youuu uu uuu


I Miissss


Uuhhh uuhu uuhh


(A esta canción hay que agregarle flores)


al fin venis
rock show
guitarrra melancolica
no existis
pienso en los conjuros con canción
que tomas?
tomo sol
preparados al fin
preparados al fin