I miss you

I miss you

Despair for look at

I want you here, in my little table

Of light

I mis you

I like wake up with you

I feel better, powerful

I like can tell you my true

I miss you

to tell, but not you be. see a long distance,

that can be more bigger out of money

I miss you

Yeah, I know

We will be better

for a little sparked

yeah I know

will be better

for a little sparket


I miss you uuhhu

uuuhhhhhhhhuuuuuu .

i miss you uuuu uuuuu u miss

youuu uu uuu


I Miissss


Uuhhh uuhu uuhh


(A esta canción hay que agregarle flores)

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María de Brea dijo...

i miss you
but i haven't met you yet,
so special
but it hasn't happened yet..